sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2015

It´s time, hold the breath and listen the fight...
I´m coming for Beltane night...

-What news from the fierce battle, soldier?
-The battle isn´t so that fierce my lady.
-But how´s Gawain, my beloved Gawain?
-Your beloved Gawain?
-Yes, i heard that he was in great trouble.
-Not so by now my lady. The battle is under control, and,...his heart has been comforted by...
-Please tell me soldier, it´s an order.
-By other ladies. Now with your permission i have to go.

Another general will rise.
Why did you treat my bond with you like that?
Now i must go away from many lies my love, why so many? Did i ask you something? Never.
But enought of this suffering. Gawain will pay. No longer will see my face. I will conceive a descendente, but not from his blood

Oh great mother nature, give me back my strenght, the lady of the lake strenght.
Now i´m prepared to go beyond wall of the valley.
Cover me with the warm tenderness, let another general rise above the moon. And tonight, even just for a night i will allow myself to be loved.
Then my womb will be full of life, in my womb will grow one more time, the son of Avalon.

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  1. The mists... tem de haver magia. Sempre. Senão, nada vale a pena..


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