segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2014

The gate...

What a strange joy in my chest, what a pain that doesn´t hurts right now.
What a anger is making me fly, and i don´t know how.
I breathe the air which approaches, so fast, disguised as a storm, deep blue and black.
I slow down for a moment, but i hear the wind says, " don´t look back, don´t look back".
So i let myself go, far away, reaching the hills, hills, above the rivers, through another sky.
Fatally injured, and not even know why.
Yes, I think I could already smell the fields of sunset into my world...
Once inside and i no longer return. There´s no suffering, no cruelty,  no time, ther´s no "to feel", no fate.
Ohh, i think that your meanness no longer will reach me, because i´m already getting the gate.

2 comentários:

  1. Good Night Zeza!
    Oh My! This is an original of your own?
    So Beautiful. I hope you keep writing like that.
    Congrat. ;)

    1. Hi Alicia.
      Thank you so much. Yes it´s mine.
      Hug :)


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