quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

Pelos caminhos, de Portugal...

                                O Gerês é sempre tão lindo...ele sabe.

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  1. Beautiful country! I hope to be there someday!!

    Greetings =)

  2. Thanks, I think you'll love it... :)

  3. I think that too! I loved that picture!
    I have friends who've been in Lisboa and now they want to return to visit other cities because it's a very beautiful country (really =)).

    If you think this place is beautiful, you should come to Chile =)


  4. oh i hope so :) it seems a great country with beautiful places also.
    kiss :)

  5. You're right!

    Greetings from one of the "two" most beautiful places in the world (the other is Portugal =)


  6. I need your help!

    I do not know if you've seen on the news something about the Chilean education.
    Students are fighting for quality education, but free, and unfortunately our government does not give us that possibility and prevents us manifest freely through the streets of our country.
    This information has become known around the world these days, but it would be great to share it with your friends to support us and have more international support.

    I hope not having bored with this message and is not mistranslated, because I used google.

    Please go up the next link!


    greetings! =)

  7. i saw it, and i shared it already with my friends...go for it, don´t giv up my friend...

  8. Thank you very much for your support!

    There will be a march tomorrow ... I will keep you informed!

    Thanks again =)


  9. Dear Friend,

    I do not know if you saw on the news something about Chile and the latest protest. I hope that the international news does not show the ravages of dirty people always infiltrated the peaceful marches.

    In the official news, do not say they were police infiltrators who destroyed the public highway, but the reality is this.

    Luckily, there were more than 150,000 people who marched through Santiago (capital), and it is estimated about 500,000 across the country who protested peacefully.

    I hope you continue sharing this information with your friends, because it is really important.


  10. do not worry, there are always people with bad intensions, trying to take advantage of these situations, to create confusion and violence..
    what really matters is that you continue to fight for the real reason...kiss

  11. you're right!

    The fight continues, because all the students in my country and who are representing us, will continue fighting and protesting for this noble cause.


  12. Hello!
    I leave you my greetings, a little discouraged ...
    If you can understand my blog, you'll know why =(

    See you!

  13. yes I've seen and understand why..
    and i just want let you a sentence here..
    "i love freedom, that's why I leave free the things that I love.If they go back,it´s because i conquered it, if it don´t,is because they were never really mine"
    take your time...life will smile again...
    kiss :)


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